Cool Stuff To Do In Denver

When you’re in Denver, accept a blast! There are a lot of things you can do that are alfresco the approved run of the mill, touristy things. Check out these air-conditioned things to do in the Mile-High City!

Denver Patio Ride

It’s a bar crawl! It’s a bike ride! The fun’s just amorphous if you bolt a ride on a affair bike that’s visiting a annular of bars! Watch out… pedaling and council gets tougher as the night wears on. This is a accept to do while you’re in Denver. Tours alpha at 10:00am (Wowsers!) seven canicule a week. The endure bout on weekends starts at 10:30pm (8:00pm on anniversary nights). They accept ample or baby affair bikes. Check the rules and regs afore you embark.

Hey PB&J

This aliment barter takes a lot of twists and turns based on an old favorite… peanut adulate and clabber sandwiches! These are not your Mom’s PB&J. Bite into a broiled PB&J sandwich with Applewood bacon, beginning fruit, beginning herbs, and added concoctions! All sandwiches are different creations, fabricated one at a time. Look for the jam black (purple) truck! Side note: If you’re not in the affection for PB&J, they accept addition aliment barter – Meatball!

Little Man Ice Cream

Have you anytime been to an ice chrism boutique in a 28-foot-tall chrism can? How can you do acceptable by bistro ice cream? Come to Little Man Ice Cream! Accept some adorable ice chrism in a handmade cossack cone. For every beat of ice chrism they sell, they will accord a beat of rice or beans to advice a beggared community. For Little Man Ice Cream, it’s about giving back. If it’s not ice chrism division if you’re in Denver, stop by Little Man for some chili and bootleg bread. Yummy!

The 1Up

Do you absence the canicule of the old arcades that accept been replaced by video games? Check out The 1Up in Denver! They’ve got a ton of old academy amateur (and a bar!). While you’re accepting some aqueous alleviation from the bar, stop in and play some skee-ball, or pinball. Fancy a bold of behemothic Jenga? It’s on like Donkey Kong! The accent actuality is on fun and games. Acceptable times guaranteed.


This abode rules! You can alternation for snowboarding or skiing after all that annoying snow. If skateboarding or BMX is added your style, you can do that there too! It’s an enclosed, safe ambiance for you to analysis and advance your abilities in. Progresh will appearance you the ropes… all adeptness levels welcome. All ages too! Yield an developed class, or assurance anyone up for a kid’s class. Rent the abode for a party, or yield a clandestine assignment in an chance sport!

Whatever your tastes, there’s never a addled moment in Denver!